About Sound of Late

We are an artist-driven ensemble based in Portland and Seattle.

Our Story

We began with a question: how do we want to experience live music?

The answer was obvious: we want to listen to music in familiar spaces: at friend’s houses, coffee shops, art studios and underground venues. We want to see a show with a drink in our hand, sitting or standing next to our friends.

Founded by five musicians, Sound of Late began as a series of house concerts throughout Oregon and Washington. Through the generosity of our community, we raised enough money from those shows to found Sound of Late as a nonprofit organization in September 2015.

Since then we have continued to expand, moving from house concerts into photography studios and dance venues in Portland and Seattle, always keeping the experience of listening to music with your friends.

But listening is about so much more than hanging out somewhere interesting — it needs to challenge us. It’s about being aware of how we focus our attention and who we listen to. We are committed to using our voices to create a better future, one where all people can participate in the creative process without fear of prejudice, enjoying acceptance and opportunity.

So pull up a chair. Welcome!

The Ensemble

Founded by a tightly-knit collective of young professional musicians, Sound of Late is guided by a unique process where decisions are made collectively and leadership rotates among the musicians. Since their first concerts in 2015, the ensemble has performed more than 20 concerts across Oregon and Washington and premiered more than 40 works by American composers. In addition to their regular season, the ensemble has held residencies at the University of Oregon and Boise State University and was featured at the 2016 Folklife Festival in Seattle.

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